An Enfield Escort was with me when no one else was



Life is not comfortable at all. We go through hard times that sometimes makes us weak. Sometimes we want to surrender and give up. We had to fight for every day for survival. Every day of our life is essential, we never knew when our life would end. Challenges are part of our life in the world, we have no power to make it stop, but we always had the choice on how do we handle it. Many times we feel so down, we need someone to be there for us, and you have to face the truth that no one is there for you.


All of us can’t forget the hard experiences we had because it molds us to become who we are now. Those experiences keep coming back to our mind and learn from it. It was a miserable life before; I think of myself that no one likes me, and pass through. According to my aunt’s story, my mom left me and never return anymore. She promises to buy something, but she lied. She did plan for it and went me to my mean aunt. I am thankful that I am alive until now, they had raised me. But that wasn’t free, because I had worked for it during my stay with them. I was treated harshly and mean by the family. Both couples had abused me, physically and mentally. They have two sons; they did the same way too. They love to shame me in public and bully. I had to stay strong at that age; perhaps I was nine years old at that time. Because of the too much maltreatment, I escaped from them and lived on my own. I am free; no one will hurt me anymore. To live with them is like living alone too, but feels like imprison. I lived in the streets for five years, until a couple has noticed me. I have always seen them since they love to jog in the place, and they are there when I had a high fever. In their kindness, they brought me to the hospital, pay the bills and gave me little money. I am thankful by them, but I still feel so lonely inside. I start to work in the small store, I had a low wage but doesn’t mind at least I have a free meal. I begin to rent a small room. I also take a scholarship to enter school. I was granted and continue with my studies. I need to double my time now, it was hard, but this is only the start. In god’s mercy, I finish school. I work as an Enfield accountant. Later on, I also built my own company. I feel so happy, got so many friends and feel so complete with my life. And maybe it’s right, when you are in trouble, you will see the exact color of everyone. I was experiencing difficulty in my company, I was so down, and no one is there for me. I booked an Enfield escort from, her presence every night was helpful. She is always there to hear my dramas and achievements in life. I start to get inspired to face my problems. I am so grateful that I become braver now, and An Enfield Escort is with me when no one else was


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