Different escorts services of London escorts

London is now so packed with different escort services so you never know when you are using the right one. The other day I called what I thought was an elite escort service in London, but when the girl turned up, she did not look anything like her photo. That is when you know that you are using are using the wrong London escorts service.

How to you identify a good London escorts service? It is a bit like Donald Trump says. There are a lot of fake news around. Just like fake news which keep popping up from time to time, fake escort services keep popping up in London. Unless you date a lot of escorts in London, you may have a hard time telling the fake ones apart from the real ones. But in general, there are a couple of points that you should look out for when you contact the agency.

It is vital to pay attention to how the phone is being answered. If the girl or man who answers the phone forgets his or her manners, you may be in touch with a fake agency. That does not mean that a girl is not going to come around. It only means that it will not be the girl in the photo. Just like what happened to me. Also, she may not have the right kind of experience. Don’t let her in, just say no and send her on her way.

Does the London escorts agency of your choice reply to emails correctly? If you only receive short emails back, it could mean that they don’t have a computer. If you arrange a lot of business dinners or functions, you often email the escort agency. I have had some odd emails back from some escort agencies in London, and I simply choose to ignore them. If they pester me, I tell them to leave me alone. For some reason, some escort agencies think that you will book dates with them just because you have made an enquiry. That is not true. Sure it depends on the girls, but it also depends on how professionally they handle the situation.  A professional reply can mean so much more than a sexy young lady when it comes to business.

The cost of your companion has changed. Why? The date was only going to cost me £100 but now we would like a bit more than that. Once again, it is time to say no thank you. When that happens I don’t bother to call the same London escorts agency again. Yes, I know that we all need to make a buck or two, but that is just silly. You would not pay the airline extra money when you have already bought a ticket for that specific flight. The same thing applies. I am not saying that this only goes on in London because it is not true. It happens all over the place, but is still disappointing when it happens.

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