I am very stupid cheating a London escort


I do not know why I become so stupid letting go someone who have done is only love me for real. I regret letting go of someone like London who is faithful in our relationship. All that she did is everything that is good to me, to make me happy all the times. It was really a mistake letting go of my London escort, every minute of my life is full of regrets. These days it is hard to find someone like my London escorts, someone that you can trust and honest to you. In relationship the most unforgivable crime is cheating, because your partner will question their worth and doubt themselves. They might ask themselves what’s lack on them that you look for someone else. It is very painful being cheated; I knew the feeling because I experience it. I hate the feeling but I have done it too. But to a person who only did is love and care for me. It is hard for me to accept that I am alone now, that my London escort is free and happy. She becomes more beautiful now, and afraid that one day she can find another man. A man that will never betrayed her like I did. Every time I think of it, what comes to my mind is that the man can be the luckiest person. He has the London escort that once I had. London escort supports me in my life’s journey, she never demand anything big to me, even on our special occasions. I proved to myself that London escort is not materialistic or user. In fact when London escort is in love they will give all their best to the person. I have felt that but stupid enough to let her go. She always updates me to assure what she is doing. She doesn’t want me to worry a lot. London escort puts so much effort in our relationship than me; she is the first one to greet me in every anniversary or birthdays. London escort is proud to present me in her family and friends. She is always happy to bring me in her events. I took her love for granted, I feel to myself I am choked but I wasn’t at all. I just made an alibies to my mind. That is why; I try to see another people. I met Jessie; she is a model and beautiful woman. No man can resist her temptations. I was tempted to touched Jessie, I forgot about London escort. I did it many times, going out to Jessie and escaping from London escort. Until such time she knew about it, she never doubt breaking up with me because her rules is no lying to each other. London escort blocked me in everything to communicate her. Even her friends and family doesn’t want to cooperate with me. It’s been three years that I am single, longing for my London escort. No matter what I do, London escort will never come back to me. That is why to every men out there, always be loyal to your girlfriends because regrets is always at the end.


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