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I always have fun going to parks since I was a child. I have many pleasant memories spending time in the park. Going to the park was my place of escape, it gives me peace of mind and calms me down. Being in part also helps me think clearly. That is why whenever I have free time, I always want to go to the nearest park to sit and think. It is where my grandmother used to take me all the time. We played and spent a lot of time together at the park near our house. When she had died, I was unfortunate. I loved my grandmother very much. I cried every day for a week. I cannot accept that she was not with me anymore. But with the help of my friends and family, I slowly took the fact that she is gone now and made peace with it. I think that my grandmother does not want me to be sad anyway. It was also in the local park where I met my ex-wife. I was walking through the park one day after my class at college. When I saw a student that was in a hurry to go to class because she was late. Because she was in a hurry, she bumps into me. She dropped her water bottle and her bag as well. She hit me pretty hard, but I think that she got hurt too. I helped her get her water bottle and said sorry to her even if it was not my fault. She was very apologetic to me; she looked anxious that she might have hurt me. I said to her that I was fine and that she had nothing to worry about. She said thanks, and she continued to walk away from me. She was a beautiful girl, and her face was very familiar tone. I think that I already have met this girl or something. When i was on my way to my class, I saw the girl I have met in the park. It turns out that we are classmates in one of my classes at college. I realized that that is why her face was very familiar to me. From that day on we started getting close to each other. Until we got into a relationship, we loved each other very much that we got married instantly after we both graduated from college. It was in the park that I discovered about London escorts. Finding out about Cheap London escorts was a highlight of my life because they helped me a lot with my problems. My experience with London escorts also helped me to a better man.

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