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Many people are stuck in dead end jobs that they do not enjoy all in order to pay for the mounting debts and money owed for their mortgage their rent and their lifestyle. I was most definitely one of those people before I found of I started a business with my ex partner and worked for him as his PA and receptionist. He was a clothing printing business so he printed clothes for festivals uniforms for hotels and other larger companies so we were always very busy. It was fun to begin with we will see each other every day will work a common goal things are going well until he started to lie to me and hide his money. I later found out that all he was doing is using that money for drugs and sex. You broke my heart at the time but I’m kind of glad that I had I went through that because if I didn’t I would never have found After a break up I keep my ex-boyfriend out of my flat but literally had no way to pay for the bills.


I have put all of my time effort and all of my savings into his company only for him to treat me so badly and lie to me. So I was left with nothing. I couldn’t tell my parents all my friends because I was so embarrassed about what happened between us. The majority of my friends he actually work for London escort did warn me that he was not a good guy and that I shouldn’t invest all of my time and money into his dream. My parents agreed with my friends at and also told me that I should never put all of my eggs into one basket and that I should have kept some money aside for a rainy day just like they did when they were younger.


So there was no means to pay my rent or even really to buy any food I was at a really low point that’s on my friends from came in and supported me. The girls will come and bring me food and chill out with me and we were strategise about how we were going to get me back on my feet. After a couple of bottles of wine and lots of snacks we all lied there on my sofa half drunk and then it just came to me. Why do I become a London escort. My friends from other escorts all agree that it would be a fantastic way for me to get back up on my feet and some money and pave the way for myself. I had no idea how to be a successful London escort but I didn’t care my friend said that they would help me and show me the ropes and at this point I was pretty much willing to do anything to get back on my feet. Soon after I started working for my only wish was that I had started much earlier as it’s literally the best job I’ve ever had.


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